Online Reputation Management

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Why Online Reputation Management?

ORM is of great importance as:
  • Your company’s or brand’s reputation can come under attack from any angle, anytime
  • Your website, blog, forum or anything online can be easily tarnished with a hit and run poster
  • A single negative campaign with no validity can malign and taint the reputation and integrity of your brand or product that you’ve built over a long time, in a few hours
  • A short negative video on YouTube can damage to your short-term and long term profits
  • A rumor on Facebook or Twitter can hurt your image beyond repair
SEO Service

Our ORM service will help you to:
  • >  Identify the sources of the negative image and craft a befitting counter strategy
  • > Defend the integrity of your brand by reducing the visibility of the negatives and highlighting your positives information
  • > Reduce negative PR with an increase in positive PR
  • > Move up your positives search results to higher positions and taking off the negatives from the first pages of the SERPs
  • >  Create very positive websites of your company
  • >  Maintain your image with a proactive approach
  • > Closely monitor the networking sites and other internet platforms where your target consumers inhabit

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